Rachel over at Testorterhome has started a new link up on Tuesdays.  You set a timer  and write for ten minutes, whatever comes into your head.  Does fixing my typos count as part of the 10 minutes, because I really stink at typing.  Big time.  I am also a pretty poor speller, but that’s another issue all together.

My blog is teal this month in honor of Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.  My friend died a little over a year ago of this cancer and rarely does a day go by without me thinking of her for some reason or another.  On Saturday we will “Turn the Town Teal” at a local shopping mall to help raise awareness of the symptoms and raise money as well.

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday.  We kept it very low key.  He has lunch with some friends and then we went out for Pad Thai for sinner.  All of us had Pad Thai.  Back at  home we had ice cream sandwich birthday cake with one blue candle to celebrate his years.

I want to paint my front door.  It is red now and my house is sage green, what color door?  Red again or dark green or navy?  I like having a stand out color door.

Almost time to stop writing, still a few more random thoughts…like why am I not sleeping again?  No sleep makes me not happy. I try to pray when I wake up in the middle of the night, but every third prayer is “Please let me sleep!”


10 Minute Tuesday

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