A little over two weeks ago I had surgery on my right foot.  So far I’ve noticed a few themes that keep repeating themselves :

  1.  My knee scooter is a conversation magnet for all people, no matter what age.  I am hearing lots of stories about other folks’ accidents, surgeries, and recoveries.  At this point, all have been very positive, So, what happened to your foot_so that’s good to hear.
  2. People want to know what happened that I needed the surgery and honestly, I don’t have an exciting story to tell at all.  I feel a bit gipped and I think those asking do as well.  I was thinking of trying to fabricate a fantastical story of some athletic feat gone awry or home project that required a ladder but really, I can’t keep a straight face to tell a joke let alone a story about myself!
  3. Using the knee scooter is fun because I can go pretty fast.
  4. I have to think each time I do something different, even if it’s just a variation of a usual activity.  For example, getting into a car.  How I do this depends on if it’s a car, van, or SUV.  Getting up from chairs is also tricky, the easiest is my rocking recliner, I use the rocking motion to give myself a little lift and it propels me up and out, so to speak.
  5. I have to get rides from friends to work.  The hardest part is not me getting in the vehicle, it’s getting the scooter in the truck.  It doesn’t fold and it’s awkward and of course, I can’t help.
  6. Everyone gets nervous watching me navigate curbs, especially the first time they watch.
  7. Getting dressed takes much more time than usual.  Putting a sock on my right foot is the hardest thing to do because I cannot turn my ankle.
  8. I miss cooking.  From making a cup of tea to all the chopping and preparing, I miss it!
  9. I don’t feel sick or have much pain, which is good but it also leads me to forget I am still recovering.
  10. I don’t like being dependent.
10 things about surgery recovery
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