Mercy, it’s all mercy

Mercy is probably one of my favorite attributes of God. Over and over I am humbled by how much mercy he has for me. Awed by how much mercy he has for others. Mercy calls my name. over and over again. In it, I hear the quiet whisper of God reminding me he loves me.

Unconditionally. Always. Forever. Forgiving me. Drawing me closer. Giving me strength. Showing me how to love.

But it’s hard. His mercy overwhelms me at times.

I am undeserving. Sinful. Weak. Judgmental. Tired of trying. I want it to be easy to receive and extend his mercy.

Maybe it’s easy when you simply let God love you.

Without judgment, unforgiveness, fear, condemnation; open your soul and be filled, no not filled, flooded – flooded with his mercy.

And then, go and give it away, knowing it will come back to you.

Mercy, it’s all mercy
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