22 Random thoughts I have in my head I want to tell you

I was going to title this post “topics and ideas for spiritual aids” but then I wasn’t sure I could live up to that considering I haven’t written here in such a long time. I do write in other places but this place, this is my little corner of the interweb world, where we can chat about whatever we want. I’ll start with what’s in my head and you can tell me what’s in yours’ in the comments – deal? DEAL! (TBH, I went back and changed the title from 12 to 22)

New Website

For many months now I have vacillated between building a membership site here or having a dedicated site. I spent some thinking about what I wanted the membership site to be and I realized that I want it to be a place of many voices, all encouraging people to Live Not Lukewarm. It’s not just me over there. Okay, so right now it’s me and the husband deacon, but it won’t stay that way. If you haven’t had a chance to look at it, please do.

Sunday Scripture Reflections

A few weeks ago I moved the Sunday Scripture Reflections over to the blog page on LIve NotLukewarm. It makes more sense to have them there. Take a look. This Sunday has a few printables along with a slightly caffeinated reflection. Hey, I love Pentecost!

My Podcast

I’ve been interviewing some wonderful guests. Two that I highly recommend you listen to are Erin Whalen and I talking about moving from Weariness to Hope and Danielle Bean and I chat about her new book, Whisper: Finding God in the Everyday. And then there is the podcast where I try to talk myself in to Embracing Uncomfortable and why it can be helpful in our spiritual life.


I’ve been reading some great books, often because I interview the authors. This is a short list of the ones I highly recommend. (FYI, these Amazon links mean I get a small tip but the price is the same for you)

Really Random

  • Sewing is so relaxing for me. And when I’m done, I have something new to wear. This Sunday, it’s a red dress. I do sew for other people or make things for the house. I’m working on a tablecloth for our table when it has all 3 leaves in it. What do you do to relax?
  • I got my tablet to work again after almost a year. I was ready to toss it and looked up how to make sure your data is erased, which all involved turning on the thing, which I couldn’t. So I found a fix for that and then, viola, all ready to use it again!
  • A new brewery opened up in our neighborhood. Very excited.
  • In 1 month, it’s time for grandchildren camp. 3 little ones, all walking, 2 in diapers, 2 who talk non-stop. So yes, we are outnumbered but only by 1. We can do it.

Pentecost is this Sunday!!!!

I said I love Pentecost. So here are some links to prayers, posts and activities.


22 Random thoughts I have in my head I want to tell you
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