Perspective – Worth Revisiting

I’m joining up with some friends today, re-posting a short post on getting some Perspective.  Why?  Because I’m in need of some today.  So enjoy this post and then check out a few more over at Reconciled to You.

It’s not easy to have perspective. It’s much easier to be self-absorbed and wonder why others just don’t see things your way. Because, after all, your way is best, isn’t it? Not that we are self-absorbed with everyone we interact, often it is with those closest to us. We think they should know, understand, get it, without explanation. We tire of trying to be kind while we explain, again, why we think or feel as we do.

We have perspective that is clouded with our own needs and desires. As I mentioned yesterday in my post on the Examen, it is necessary to look at ourselves with honesty and admit where we have failed. I came upon these words on a scrap of paper I found today, “Being completely honest with yourself requires effort, awareness and grace.” I posted it on Facebook and a friend added, “humility”; oh yes, serious humility.

It means changing our perspective a bit. Moving out of self and seeing our behavior as God sees it.

Ignatius tells us to not want anything in this life that is contrary to what God wants for us, that we are to be indifferent to all created things. This is a radically different perspective than what the world teaches us. Yet, if we live according to the rules of the world, what do we gain? If we live according to God’s rules, we gain heaven, which is far greater than anything the world has to offer.

31 Days celebrating St. Ignatius Loyola

Perspective – Worth Revisiting

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