Today is our son’s 25th birthday.  The day we became parents and were forever humbled.  First of all, he was late, very late.  And it was hot, very hot and very humid as only September is in South Florida.  My feet could only get into these awful flip flops which my mom threw in the garbage when we got into the hospital.  I had to be induced and when the nurses eyed my very pregnant belly, they were surprised I was there to be induced as the baby hadn’t even dropped yet.  As I was being hooked up to IVs and monitors and who knows what else, one said ever so sweetly, “Well, this will probably take two days.  We’ll give you meds to get you going, then stop so you can rest and sleep and then tomorrow you’ll have the baby.”  “No, I am having this baby today.”  And I did, at 5 pm Peter came into this world with a little cone head and blue eyes.  There are lots of details which I will spare you, though I will say that if my mother had not been there watching Peter’s exit and not yelled at the doctor that the baby was coming, there may have been a different ending to this story. 
I find it amazing that he is 25, it seems like such a short time ago I walked into that hospital willing myself to give birth. 
I am so proud of the man he has become.  And still, all these years later, when his blue eyes look into mine, there is such joy and happiness.  Just like 25 years ago!

25 Years Old

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