My husband and I have been married twenty six years. It seems like it was just yesterday and that it has been forever. So, to honor our life together, 26 things which make me happy and I am thankful for:

1. We love each other.

2. We have two wonderful children.

3. We still hold hands in public.

4. We kiss in the kitchen.

5. Our faith sustains us.

6. He folds my laundry.

7. When I can’t sleep, he holds me until I do.

8. He thinks I look just like I did when we started dating.

9. We go to the opera and he likes it now!

10. He puts gas in my car.

11. We ride bikes together.

12. We call or email to say “I love you” during the day.

13. We like each other’s cooking.

14. He is a great painter; walls, not pictures.

15. We enjoy spending time together.

16. He listens to me rant about work.

17. I miss him when we are not together.

18. He runs my baths for me.

19. He learned to dance for me.

20. Our days are not complete without hugs.

21. I have all his letters to me. Someday I will put them in a scrapbook.

22. We look better in pictures when we are together.

23. He’s not my better half, he’s my other half.

24. He opens the car door for me.

25. He helps me help others.

26. He loves God.

Sometimes I wish things had been different or easier or or or, but in the end, I would still want us right where we are, together.

26 Year Anniversary

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