If you have been following along this month, you can see I am behind.  I have two choices, maybe three?  I can just write posts for the rest of the month; I can write make-up posts so I get to thirty one posts; do nothing.  I’m choosing the second option.  Here we go!

First, why did I cease posting?  I had a mini meltdown, brought on by various factors, including, but not limited to:  new computer, an urgent need to make sure my son’s website was not lost due to a domain transfer, my lack of sleep, new computer, being a woman of a certain age (if you don’t know what that means, be thankful), new computer.  Do you see a recurring issue?  Yep, the new computer.  I want to be pleased but I’m just a tad bit overly confused.  I will manage.  I will learn.  But this new system is like learning a foreign language from someone who only speaks English. Which is fine if you are learning English, but not Swahili.

Not sleeping is awful.  After a few days of it I can’t put two thoughts together, my voice sounds like man’s and my eyes, well, let me tell that on Sunday, I had little children asking me how I felt and saying, with concern, that I didn’t look so good!  Basically by 8:00 p.m. I am ready for bed, but when you only sleep five to six hours, that’s a bad idea.

I also had a huge attack of the doubts.  That topic will be my next “make-up” post today.

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31 Days Writing Project update

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