In some ways it feels like it happened in the blink of an eye.  But it didn’t.  It took us thirty one years to wind up where we are today. Yesterday John said he wished we were still young, I’m not so sure.  I like this small bit of wisdom I have gotten with age.  I could do without the wrinkles, especially the one between my eyes and while John is almost all grey he still has more hair than he needs.

Some years have been a breeze, others more of a challenge.  The past few months have been a challenge for sure, but we have learned what “in sickness and health” means.

When John was in the hospital  I didn’t sleep as well without him beside me.  It was so odd, because he’s gone away before and it never bothered me.  Of course, this time the reason was illness.  I realized how different my life would be without him and grateful to God beyond measure that John is next to me, where he belongs.

Here’s a recent picture, one of my favorite selfies from Italy!

31 Years!
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