It’s my blogiversary.  I thought up that word on one of my sleepless nights last week, but then I just saw it elsewhere so I guess I didn’t think it up myself at all.  Oh well, I like the word.
So, after four years I have written 550 posts.  I began this as a way to add my voice to cyberspace and have a place to vent.  I now try to use it less for venting and more for good thoughts and daily life meanderings.  I also have a blog for our parish website, which is not used for personal venting ever, as that would be in very poor taste and might even get me into trouble.
I like having a blog, though frequently I am less then satisfied with what I post.  And then of course, there is the nagging question, is anyone out there?  Or worse, the times when friends read and then call to chastise me that they have to get info from here rather than a phone call!
In the end, it’s good and I plan to continue, just for me to have this little corner to speak my mind and share my thoughts.  It’s like the pebble in the water or the butterfly flapping its’ wings (according to my husband’s metaphysics professor) you never know what is set in motion.

4 years!

One thought on “4 years!

  • February 20, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    The Butterfly Effect ~ great book. The kids' version {The Boy Who Changed The World} is better.

    Happy Blogiversary ~ I'm out here, reading and enjoying what you post. 🙂


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