1. I saw an old friend at the grocery store.  We probably haven’t seen each other in eight years.  We caught up for about twenty minutes, filling each other in on husbands and children and her grandchildren.  When I left, I realized how glad I was that she didn’t see me the day before at the store when I had just come from the gym.
  2. We have an infestation of red millipedes at work.  They are everywhere.  And they die quickly when they are not in a damp environment.  So we have curled up dead red bugs on the carpets in all the offices, in the closet and the courtyard.  I dislike the sound when I step on them once they have died.  And no, I don’t do it on purpose. Boric acid should help stop them from coming into our offices, so next week we’ll be sprinkling that around.
  3. I have a stack of books to read.  Now I just need lots of free time.
  4. I sat down today to take care of some phone calls.  Sadly, the people I needed to talk to were not available.  Didn’t they know I was going to call and take care of my business today?
  5. The really big excitement of the week at work was the discussion on if missing Mass (i.e.so you can play golf) is a sin or not.  It was fascinating, these ladies could quote the Baltimore Catechism but did not know this.  Then, they seriously questioned if I was right and were concerned I was scaring the children in faith formation by telling them this.  I took a poll of my Facebook friends, office staff, and Bible study group; most of those folks knew the right answer.
  6. It’s a slow-ish weekend so I plan to spend at least some time this weekend at the beach and doing some sewing.  I can read at the beach so that will help with #3. I also want to get to the mall.  I wonder if I can convince my husband to join me at the mall.  I bet not, he probably has homework anyway.
  7. I had my measurements taken at the gym today.  All is getting smaller, except my arms, so I’m happy about that.  Now if my shoulder would stop acting up I’d be thrilled.

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