It’s Friday.  The weekend is coming. This week has been event central around here; well, not here as in our house, but just lots of time away. I’m looking forward to a catch up day and evening today!  What has been going on?

  1. I finished my daughter’s dress last Friday for a Saturday wedding!  It was a skill stretching project but the result was stunning.  My husband noticed I really enjoyed working on it so he suggested I should sew dresses to earn money.  Yes, but no thanks.  I prefer to sew for love, not money, for those I love
  2. .My brother in law was in town Tuesday so we met him for dinner.  We went to the Yard House which has a huge beer selection.  I choose a local favorite, Caramel Cream Ale from Due South Brewing Company.
  3. Last night we had two events to choose from, my husband could go “work” at McDonald’s with the other teachers from his school or attend a cocktail party at The Beach Club. Guess where we went?  The lamb chops and crab cakes were delish.
  4. My goals today are organizing my creating room, sewing up a few quick pillows and starting a sewing project.  My room has piles of books, stacks of papers, and a general lack of order that I dislike.  I do many different things in this room; pray, read, sew, write, work, ponder my existence and it needs order.  Here’s what it looks like now: 


  5. I had a shopping day with a friend this week.  We both love to sew and craft so we hit two fabric stores and a craft store.  I’ll be using those supplies today to create a better space in my room.
  6. I was a guest on the CatholicMom hangout this week.  It was lots of fun.  I’ve watched/listened to almost all of the hangouts and it’s an engaging way to learn about the faith and catch a glimpse into what other people are doing to bring faith into their homes and make it a part of their everyday lives.
  7. A great song for Lent and the Year of Mercy


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