7 Quick Takes

Before I get started let me say I like the new logo.  And for more Quick Takes you can head on over to Kelly’s.

  1.  Last Saturday we went out to walk at a preserve, Grassy Waters, for those who might want to venture there is you live around her.  Now, I am a mosquito magnet but during the entire time we were outdoors, among the trees and plants, and water and oh yes, that was a gator we heard, I did not get one bite.  We went inside to the information center and one bug bit me in three places!   We finally killed it and the lady in the center fed it to the fish in the tank.  Oh the circle of life.
  2. Pictures from the walk:

    3.  It is three months to my son’s wedding.  My goal to reach by then is to be able to wear something on feet besides sneakers.  Of course, unlike a goal to lose weight or have a great dress or new hairstyle, I can’t do anything to make it happen.  Time will tell.

    4.  I’ve noticed some pet peeves of mine that are shared by others.  Let’s talk about “reply all” on email.  This should be used only when everyone the email was sent to needs to know the information you are sending back to the email originator. So if it’s a potluck, and you want people to know what others are bringing so there are more than brownies, okay.  But it’s rare for reply all to be necessary.  More often it’s used like this:  a reminder about a meeting is sent; you have a conflict with your annual (insert icky medical procedure here), so you can’t make it.   Just “reply” do not “reply all” because, really, everyone does not need to know.  Nor does everyone need to get everyone’s response telling you that they are praying/hoping/lighting candles that all goes well.  If you want everyone to know, put it on Facebook!  There are more pet peeves, but let’s leave it at that for now.

5.  I stopped because I remembered what I read this morning in today’s reading from James, “Do not complain, brothers and sisters, about one another, that you may not be judged.”  (James 5:9)  I didn’t even need to read past Do not complain.  I think I’ve been complaining, mostly, but not all, in my head since yesterday afternoon.  Or maybe I’ve been whining?  Again, mostly in my head,  honest, but I’m starting to annoy myself, so I thought, let me read some scripture to snap out of it and instead I got a smack up side the head.  Which is fine.  I needed it.  Now I have to do it.  Or rather, stop doing it, complaining, I mean.  I need to stop complaining.  I’m on it.

6.  Very excited about next week.  I’m leaving my family to go to the NCCL conference in Jacksonville. That’s the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership.  In all my years of ministry I’ve never been to  this conference.  There will be some great speakers and I’m looking forward to meeting my colleagues from across the country.  When the conference is over I’m meeting a friend for two days of fun!  It’s going to be a great week!

7.  I started a Bullet Journal.  It has nothing to do with bullets, don’t worry.  I’ll be doing a post on it after I have more practice but if you’re interested in being more organized and/or productive, take a look here.

7 Quick Takes
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