7 Quick Takes

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1. I enjoyed writing on a specific topic for all of October. In case you missed it, it’s all over here. Stay tuned for news about what I’ll be doing with all of those posts in the near future.

2. A heads up to those who try to keep track of the Church seasons…Advent is coming. On Nov 27, which is the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Don’t panic, but now is a good time to find your Advent wreath and think about how you will prepare for our Savior’s birth this year.

3. You know why I felt compelled to remind you about Advent? I realized yesterday that I forgot to order Advent calendars at work. Thankfully there were still plenty even if I didn’t get my favorites and I even found some new ones.

4. Speaking of work, it is so easy when you work in a parish to forget to pray and live in the season you are in as we are always working ahead. We need to guard against living in the future and remember to focus on the present. It is a juggling act for sure.

5. Last Sunday we celebrated 33 years of marriage. My husband and I decided that it feels like “only yesterday and forever” at the same time.

6. faith-and-fear

7.  Next Monday, Nov 14, I’ll be talking about some of my favorite productivity tools on a free webinar.  There’s still time to register if you are interested.

7 Quick Takes
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