My first chance to sit and write my quick takes and it’s already afternoon.  If you are looking for more Quick Takes click on over to Conversion Diary and you’ll get to see Jennifer’s now blog design.

1.  I get home from running errands and grocery shopping to find chocolate chip cookies and some sort of chocolate chip filled cupcakes on my kitchen counter.  Daughter asks:  “Don’t they look good?”  Me, “I am avoiding looking at them, it’s torture. Did you try them?”  Daughter, “Yes, they are very good.”  Me, “I’m sure; I hate you.” (said lovingly, of course)

2.  My camera was misplaced for a month or so.  I found it but the battery was pretty much dead.  Couldn’t find the charger, anywhere.  Prayed to St. Anthony, went through drawers, bags, purses; nothing!  Daughter says, “you should keep all your chargers in the same place so this doesn’t happen.”  My words are coming back to haunt me.  One more prayer, got it!  It was under my Bible in a basket.

3.  New favorite mug:

I am fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara I could save the world!

I showed it to my son and in typical kissing-up-to- mom style he says, “I don’t think you’d even need the cape.”  Every mom needs at least one child like him.

4.  And speaking of said son he is moving back in with us for the next month along with his, wait for it…ferrets!  If you knew me personally, you’d know how much I love him to allow this to happen.  It will be quite interesting to have both children, who are now adults, back at home and sharing the bathroom like they did in high school.  His sister will be laying down the rules right away.  I should video it!
5.  Tomorrow is a very special day.  It is the deaconate ordination of four men in our diocese.  My husband has been in school with them for the last four years and we have gotten to know them quite well.  We are so excited for them and know that they will be a great blessing to the people of our diocese and in their parishes. 
6.  It feels strange to enjoy working out every day.  But I really do.  My friend and I had a big discussion this morning about this whole going to the gym, why we are doing it and how we feel.  I’ll sum it up:  they way we feel in 20 and 30 years from now is related to how well we take care of ourselves now; we want to mow the lawn when we are 80!  Of course I don’t mow it now, but I want to be able to if I want to.  We are not doing it to be skinny but to be bad-asses.  Okay, that’s why I’m doing it, not her.  Yes, we have pains from exercising hard, but at least now it’s for a cool reason.  Yea, I hurt my shoulder doing push presses sounds so much cooler than I was washing my hair and pulled something, right?  
7.  This weekend is back to work on Sundays weekend for me.  When I first started this job I didn’t have to work most Sundays and I loved having the day off.  That lasted for less than a year. Now my weekend is Friday and Saturday.  It’s a trade off and let’s face it Sunday is a busy day at church.  It’s good for me to be there and see parishioners.
7 Quick Takes

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