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1.  Being a mom is one of the best parts of my life, always has been and most likely always will be.  Even when it is not easy, it is still the best.  Watching my children grow up and become these wonderful adults thrills me.  This week our son called to say that he is being transferred for work.  Right back here!!!!!!! If I hadn’t been driving when he called I would have cried I was so happy.  He is coming back to the first restaurant he started in about four years ago.  Only now, he is in charge of the kitchen.  

is over.  For five weeks I have challenged myself in ways I still find unimaginable.  And I will continue to do so.  For how long?  Until my body is in the shape I’d like it to be.  Lost in five weeks: 9 lbs, 9 inches, and my old lady white sneakers.
2b. I am now onto my project for Digital Discipleship and I’m sure I’ll post it when it is ready.  I am pondering two different projects, an on-line Baptismal class or a project for Faith Formation prayer in which the children and teens answer the question “Where did you see God?”, take a photo and then I compile them to be used during prayer time.

3.  Can you have a flash forward?  Tonight I am getting together with my mom and her two friends, two of my friends and nine bottles of wine for a girl’s night.  My daughter declined the invite to join us.  I like spending time with all of the people who will be there, but I am afraid it will be a vision of what we (my friends and I) will be like in when we are older.  It’s a flash forward, no? I am the driver, so we’ll see how much wine is left at the end of the night.

4.  Seminary started again.  It is my husband’s last year of school.

5.  I bought a new toy at work.  A remote presentation clicker.  I know I will enjoy being able to move around when I talk and of course, I’ll be able to get close to anyone who isn’t paying attention; as long as I stay within fifty feet of the laptop.

6.  This is a PSA:  Please register your child for religious education, faith formation, parish school of religion or (gasp) CCD now so people like me (DRE, DFF, PCL, or whatever you call the person in charge) can plan, order books, and organize classes.  We want you to have an awesome experience and it is so much easier when we know you are joining us.

7.  I have the afternoon to myself.  No one is home.  I am alone for hours.  Can’t recall the last time that happened.  I will use this time productively for ME specifically for my spiritual well being, not cleaning my bathroom.

7 Quick Takes

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