1.  Last week I mentioned our Rachel’s Vineyard retreat.  The ministry has the most beautiful monstrance..

It is on the altar, not on the ground.

A closeup of Mary’s face and Jesus.  The monstrance has a light in it which is turned on when Jesus is present.

2.  Today is the end of week four of boot camp.  This week has been dubbed “hell week” and by Thursday I was feeling it.  But strangely, enjoying it.  The palms of my hands have little bumps on them from lifting weights. They remind of me of when I played the guitar and had callouses on my fingertips.  I have a ways to go before these are actual callouses.

3.  If I didn’t have to drive, I’d think less bad things about people.  Really.  People do not know how to drive.  Example:  four way stop, one car at each corner except one corner has two.  The first car of the two car corner goes and then it is my turn.  But the second car wants to go as if it is a light turned green and not a stop sign.  FYI, I went.

4.  I have committed to serving in our EDGE middle school youth ministry program.  I vacillated between youth and adults but since I do more work with adults at work, I figured I’d work with youth for fun.  I think the endorphins have taken over since I am a person who thinks middle school terrors youth should be sent to an island.  However, when they are not your children it’s easier; you only have to be nice for short periods of time.

5.  I am having difficulty multi-tasking.  Honestly, I am having trouble tasking these days.  Yesterday I started to put away the dinner leftovers, put the empty pan in the sink and then never put the food away. I’m leaving laundry in the dryer on accident and I still can’t find my camera.  I think I know why.  I’m not drinking any wine.  Yep, I think that’s the problem.  Sadly, I promised myself no wine until boot camp is over.

6.  We are working a few home improvement projects for the next few days.  Our bedroom carpet was replaced.  It took longer to move all the furniture out and put it back than it took to lay the carpet.  I spray painted our bedroom lamps.  I figured after 29+ years they could use some freshening up.  This weekend I am getting new shelving for my “studio” aka “woman cave” and a collapsible cutting table from a friend for the room as well.  Pictures will happen, just not with my camera!

7.  On August 18 the St. Monica Novena will begin.  Care to join in?

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