These will be super quick, so read fast; very busy day today and it won’t be over for hours!

1. I have done 7 boot camp session in 8 days!  Yea for me.  I feel sore but in far less pain than the first few days.  I have off for 2 days and then I am back there Monday.

2.  Why am I off for 2 days? Deacon formation retreat this weekend.  However, the gym is ALWAYS closed on Sunday.  I like that.

3.  I am not good at shredding meat.  I made Ropa Vieja for a dinner my daughter is having tomorrow night and you are supposed to shred the meat; I improvised.

4.  I had lunch with friends today.  Always good to catch up and find out how we are all doing.

5.  I can’t believe I actually got everything done today that was necessary and threw in some fun as well.

6.  I also baked a flour-less chocolate cake for the dinner.  It smelled wonderful.  I hope the girls will like it with the vanilla ice cream Elisa has planned.

7.  Rumor has it the retreat is going to be on Scripture and the Eucharist.  Very excited.  Though if out in-tell is wrong we will be very disappointed.  I’ll find out soon.

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