Somehow, we have reached Friday.  I’ve gotten here with lots of coffee, not enough sleep, a little fun, and grace.  How did you get here?

1.  Right in front of me is me 2014 list of goals.  I am moving ever soooo s l  o  w l  y through this list.  Which is better than not at all, but one quarter of the year is gone and one quarter of the list is not, so things are not equal here.  My husband the algebra teacher could come up with an equation for this but he’s at work so you’ll just have to make do with words, no formulas.

2.  Tonight is First Penance at work.  We are having dinner first and then going to the service. All families are invited so they can also go to confession during Lent. I have spent this week answering numerous emails about this sacrament.  I dare not repeat the questions, but let’s just say I felt as if maybe I was not speaking English at the parent meeting or maybe my emails were mysteriously being translated into gibberish when I hit the send button. My problem is that I get very upset and take it personally, which I shouldn’t.  I know I am there for all the families, no matter their level of interest or participation, but the exceptions are greater than the rule and it wears me out.

3.  I have three WordPress accounts and have a serious problem with remembering the user name and password combinations.  Now, for one I just paste what was given to me, fine. The other two, I keep forgetting and one is saved on my computer to sign me in automatically but I can’t see the password.  Why is this a problem?  Because I can’t comment sometimes on WordPress blogs and need to use some other account and it all just makes me nutty.  I guess that’s the bottom line, it makes me nutty.

4.  I need to stop whining.  Done.  Honest.  Read the next take.  It will be positive.  PROMISE.

5.  I actually have a free day tomorrow.  No actual appointments.  YEA!  I should be quiet about it though unless the universe finds out and conspires to fill my calendar.  I have a few things I want to do but it will be on my schedule.  Possibilities:  cutting out John’s alb of muslin, going to Michael’s for Easter centerpiece supplies, visiting my parents, the gym, and lots of time reading. Okay, more than a few but I have all day!

6.  This is John’s last weekend at seminary.  He has two or three more Wednesdays and then graduation.  WOW.  It has been a journey for sure.  Ordination is next, but I want to enjoy this part before moving on to the next part.

7.  If you need a book to put in a teen’s or college student’s Easter basket, try Made for More by Curtis Martin.

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  • April 11, 2014 at 12:31 am

    Re #2, I always imagine an apostle far from home, in a strange land, sleepless, staring at an unfamiliar ceiling and wondering if it's all worth it. And the next morning he gets up and tells the Good News for another day.


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