the beach in Destin

1.  I’ve been away for a few days.  Went on a road trip to Destin to see a friend with my daughter.  Did a whole lot of nothing, hanging out by the beach and pool, had some great meals, consumed some adult beverages, read a few books; in short – relaxed.  Very nice.
2.  Had a doctor’s visit today to discuss my lab results.  Pretty much it’s all good.  He is upping my dose of Armour thyroid which should help with a few things; my B12 is quite low so I got a shot today which should increase my energy levels.  However, it’s been about four hours now since the shot and all I really want to do is nap!  The other vitamin I am low in is D which is odd considering I do take a supplement and I live in South Florida.  I guess I am spending way too much time in doors. Maybe I’ll eat my lunch in the courtyard at work more often to help with the vitamin D and the color of my legs.
3.  I’m leaving my husband again tonight for a retreat this weekend.  He’ll have our daughter for company so he should be fine.  And in a turn of events my friend who wasn’t coming is attending so I’m looking forward to an uninterrupted chat with her at least once this weekend! She’s coming because another friend can’t come because she’s not feeling well.  So while I’m sorry for my friend who is sick and will miss her company, I’m feeling like the Spirit is already moving in some way for things to work out for the best.
4.  Speaking of the Spirit, Sunday is Pentecost!!!! The Birthday of the Church. I have been praying a different Pentecost Novena this year from a website a friend told me about, Pray more Novenas.
5.  Back to work Monday means getting ready for Vacation Bible School in four weeks.  I went with SonWest Roundup from Ligouri.  We’ll be learning about Moses using a country western theme.  I need a costume for my role as the Bible story teller and can’t decide if I should go western or early Exodus style?  I have no cowboy boots so I may go with an Exodus look, with lots of wraps and sandals. Such problems I have in the summer!

6.  I am on a retreat team for a retreat in mid June.  My assigned talk is giving me trouble.  My plan is to spend lots of time in the little chapel on retreat this weekend and let Jesus have at the talk.  Between him and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit again on Pentecost I should be able to get it all on paper.
7.  On Mother’s Day at lunch, my friend suggested to my daughter she act more like me than her father since it was Mother’s Day.  Elisa said, “fine, mom, do you have some lipstick?”  We cracked up laughing since she never wears it and hates when I even suggest it but I have I feel odd if I leave the house without it.  Oh well, mothers and daughters…

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