1.  Life seems to be getting back to normal; normal meaning seemingly perpetual motion but no bodily annoyances like broken teeth  little viruses, sinus infection and clogged ears.

It’s name is Honey-Can -Do, honest

2.  I made an exciting purchase for the house and at the risk of my husband’s man card being taken from him tell you he was the first one to use it.  Yes, a clothes drying rack.
3.  I went to a new doctor this week.  I liked him very much and really hope he can help me get my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis under control and my thyroid to function better.  He wants my thyroid to function at an “optimal” level and I am all in with that idea.  This morning I have blood work scheduled and he cautioned me to not worry over the amount of blood they will take.  He said I have plenty but be sure to drink lots of water before I go.
4.  This Sunday is First Communion at work.  We have fourteen receiving this year.  Our pastor prefers the children to receive with their families, so each family has a pew, and the family goes up together to receive, with the first communicant receiving first.  When the family is a usual church going Mass attending family it works out quite well.  If not, I feel like I am herding cats.  It is a lesson in letting go and humility.  Both of which I need, the latter more than the former.
5.  I finished reading He Leadeth Me by Fr. Walter Ciszek, S. J.  which cannot be summarized in a few sentences.  It was a book you could read one hundred times and get something different from each time. His humility, the torture and abject poverty he endured, and his total loss of freedom made me ponder why I ever complain.  It also reminded me to stop taking the Eucharist for granted and the reverence that it is due.
6.  Do you ever think that it’s easier to not know the rules about something so you would get less upset when people don’t follow the rules?   I am referring to liturgy here, but I think the whole “ignorance is bliss” is underrated and I may start leaning that way.  Of course, how does one un-learn what one knows?

7.  Today is First Friday, so if you can go visit Jesus in the Blessed sacrament.  And listen to Matt Maher singing Adoration.

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7 Quick Takes

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