1.  Some of this may seem just like last week’s but they are not the same.  Honest.  Promise. So read them please.
2.  Last Sunday we had Confirmation.  Everyone showed up, though not all were quite on time or in the right place, but by the procession time it was all good.  Mass begins and as we sit down to listen to the readings I look for the photographer.  Not there. Not panicking , I ask someone else if she sees him; since we can’t find him, she takes a quick look around including the sacristy, outside, back of church – no photographer.  At this point we are at the Gospel.  I have no camera, none of the Confirmation catechists have a camera, but we have a smart phone.  The homily is almost over, my daughter (aka Confirmation catechist) is going to take pictures using the phone.  Better than nothing.  She captured every one except the first as the Bishop confirmed them.  Would you like to see a picture?  So would I and after a week of the woman whose phone we used trying to get the pictures off her camera I should have a jump drive with the photos on Sunday.  One very small glitch.  By the way, bishop loved my cookies.
3.  I know there are many moms who function on little sleep for extended periods of time.  My experience over the last two + weeks have reminded me how grateful I am to my children for learning to sleep through the night early.  I have had insomnia in a big way.  It is my age, it’s stress, my progesterone levels, it’s too much on my mind, eating before bed, not eating before bed, wine, no wine; so many possible theories, I succumbed to Advil PM.  I took two and then yesterday I felt like I had a hangover so last night I took one and feel better but still not great.  Thankfully I can rest a bit this weekend.  No, not really, just kidding.
4.  Working Saturday and Sunday morning until early afternoon.  Communion retreat Saturday; Sunday is the last faith formation class and a catechist meeting.
5.  We have some fun social plans this weekend.  I’m cooking dinner tonight, we are going to a 25 wedding anniversary party Saturday, a Scentsy party Sunday and then a potluck dinner in the late afternoon.   I can rest while my husband drives.
6.  A new blog, Let’s Stop and Smell the Roses, written by a friend and brand new Catholic!
7.  Love this quote:”We can become like Christ, rising triumphant from death, overcoming the sinful nature that ties us down to the world. But to become like Christ, we have to suffer with Christ.”
Mike Aquilina, Why Me?, Our Sunday Visitor

Quick Takes are over at Camp Patton again this week so Jennifer can get settled with the new baby!

7 Quick Takes

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  • April 20, 2013 at 11:39 am

    I remember those days from liturgy planning–you never remember everything until right in the middle. Once I had to send my husband out for something we needed in the middle of Easter Vigil, and he couldn't get back in because the neophytes were standing in the baptistery/entryway. 🙂 We had to have a conversation by cell phone in the middle of the Easter Vigil. Ah, what's a liturgical life without a bit of adventure?


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