More Quick Takes in the usual order.

1.  I am disappointed that Quick Takes cannot be listed in reverse order.  And I still am baffled by how early some folks get their takes up.  I understand writing them ahead of time and scheduling posts in your feed, but you still need to link up with the original post on Conversion Dairy.  I was also a bit jealous, I’ve let that go since I like sleep but I am still baffled.

2.  Strange question:  Why does your nose run when you cry?  It makes it so much worse.  I just checked on why, tears run into your nasal duct.

3.  I am neglecting so much because of this busy season.  I work in a parish and this time of year is always full of extra stuff to plan and prepare. I need to give some attention to my house, this blog, sewing, pinterest, reading, and doing nothing.  I need a day of  nothing.  And no, today is not that day.  I think it may be Easter Monday.  I should schedule that now in my calendar.

4.  Yesterday we began 40 Hours Devotion at my parish where I worship (as opposed to where I work).  We began with Morning Prayer at 6:30 am and will continue through to tonight, closing with Benediction.  I went yesterday and this morning for Morning Prayer and while I usually pray that prayer on my own I enjoyed praying it in common.  Our deacons in formation lead the prayer, so yesterday it was my husband.  It’s nice to seeing him “practicing” so to speak.  Last night we had worship music led by a friend singing and playing his guitar.  As I sat there in a pew, listening and praying I had this tremendous urge to go sit closer to Jesus.  So I left my pew and sat on the floor, leaning with my back on the first pew.  I then proceeded to let down my guard and the tears began and did not really stop for close to thirty minutes. Of course, my tissues were in my purse which was in the pew far away from where I was sitting.  (hence #2) Aside from that, the Lord made a few things clear to me last night and also took a few things away that were weighing me down. God is so good!

5.  My cousin went home on Tuesday after spending two months here.  It was a good visit and we shared many talks and had lots of fun.  But I realized that I do not have one picture of the two of us! Epic Fail!

6.  The Chris Tomlin concert last Friday was great. He didn’t play every song I wanted him to but it was all powerful.  A small disappointment, not a word on our new Pope.  I know the group is Christian and not Catholic, but I thought a brief announcement would have been nice and appreciated by all the Catholics in the crowd.

7.  Speaking of our new Pope, I love him!  Every time I see another story about him and what he is doing I am thrilled.  I still have not had a chance to watch the Inauguration Mass from Tuesday.  I hope to do that this weekend. Here’s a copy of the Mass booklet. I can’t seem to find a video of the Mass.  ACK!

7 Quick Takes

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  • March 22, 2013 at 7:57 pm

    Someone somewhere on my blog reader posted a video….probably the Pray Tell blog–might check there. I haven't gone looking because I know I don't have time to watch. :/

    As for #2, thank you so much for clearing that up for me! I've often wondered, but had no time to do the research myself. 🙂


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