1.  We had a 50th Anniversary Party for my parents last Sunday.  That’s a long view of the table in the family room turned dining for 18.  You can see almost everyone.  It was a surprise!  But if I put up pictures of my mom crying as she walked in I could get into trouble.
Below is a picture of the happy couple with five of their seven grandchildren.  What else do nonni want but to be surrounded by grandchildren?

2.  My cousin is visiting from Italy.  She is an architect and an artist .  Her website shows some of her work.  She was also commissioned to make the altar pieces for a church in Lecce, Italy Santa Maria della Fiducia.  Here is the video of the dedication, with a good shot of the altar pieces at 1:22.  My Italian has returned and it’s not too bad as far as the accent and being able to explain things and translate, but my grammar is awful.

3. Portrait of me done by my cousin.  
4.  Funny story about my name.  By tradition, it should have been my father’s mother’s name, Fiorentina. However, my mom bucked tradition and named me Deanna.  Because that is so much easier when you live in America, NOT! At any rate, my cousin is Fiorentina.  She asked me if it upset me that she had my name.  I told her no, it was all good.  She also was dismayed that I have my husband’s last name.  In Italy women keep the family name unless they marry someone very famous or important.  My name has always been somewhat of a pain and so it continues. Fiorentina says when we write our book together, we’ll just use “our” last name.  We’ll see.
5.  It is Lent.  I’ve made a page with some resources.  Take a look.
6.  Catholic Mom is working on this wonderful project for Lent.  They are raising funds to send copies of the book A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy to pregnancy centers across the country. This is a joint venture with Ave Maria Press, the publisher of the book. Please take a look at the project and consider supporting it.  
7.  Seminary weekend = girl time with friends; reading; writing.  Though I am thrilled that my husband is past the half way mark in his formation, I cannot lie; I will miss seminary weekends.

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7 Quick Takes

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  • February 23, 2013 at 1:39 am

    about #7- as a deacon's wife, you will get plenty of alone and girl time will he does his ministry- you make the rules 😉


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