1.  I think February is overtaking December as far as events to go to and plan. I know it is.  Last weekend we went to a pirate party fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation, then this week was our annual Valentine Fashion Show and Luncheon.  In between we are planning our own parish event to thank our supporters, hosting an event for the Bishop, and a private fund raising dinner for the food pantry.  Not necessarily in that order.  Of course we still have our usual work to do and next week Lent begins.  I’m not bragging about all the fun I am having or complaining so much as it’s hard to keep my outfits in order and I need to iron more than usual.
2.  Okay, so those are just work related events.  Personally I have a puppy shower Saturday morning to introduce Manny, a Diabetic Alert Dog in training to friends.  He is not my dog, but my friend’s.  Or rather, her son’s as he has Type I Diabetes.  If you want to learn more DADs, you can like A DAD and His Boy on facebook.  Then my parents will celebrate 50 years of wedded bliss so there are few things to get organized.
3.  I do have things of importance to share, honest.  I came across this on a friend’s facebook wall, an initiative of the U.S. Bishops, Call to Prayer: Pledge to Fast. The purpose is to fast every Friday during this Year of Faith for “the intention of the protection of Life, Marriage and Religious Liberty.”  You can sign the pledge and also get reminders in your inbox.
4.  Sunday is World Marriage Day.  The Practicing Catholic  posts  Why I Love My Husband.  So, in that same spirit, today I would say I love my husband because he keeps going to events with me and getting all dressed up, even as a pirate, since he knows how much I enjoy these events. And I am not posting a picture so he keeps loving me:) Full disclosure, there are some on facebook.
5.  Lots of household projects coming together.  Our patio was re-screened, which means we can open our patio doors when it is cool enough and we’ll stay bug free,  Of course, tomorrow’s forecast is 85, but with what is going on weather wise elsewhere I should probably stop talking about high temps and open windows.  New vertical blinds are also being installed and our yard will get some attention as well.  Last weekend I started on the yard but realized it is bigger than a woman, teenage helper and dull equipment can handle.
6.  Speaking of dull equipment, we asked Home Depot if they sharpened yard tools.  It seems not.  So what do you do with pruning shears, loppers, and clippers that are dull?
7.  This is a BOLD request.  If you are responsible for a parish website or can convince the person who is to make a change, please do this one thing.  Put the Ash Wednesday Mass and Ash Distribution on the home page where it is easy to find.  A few days ago I had to look for this info for a church in Atlanta.  It took me way to long to find it and I am fairly website savvy.  It will cut down on phone calls and make everyone’s life a bit easier.  I did it on our website and it helps.  Try it.

Thanks to Jennifer for hosting, it’s fun to write these and read these, so go on over and take a look!

7 Quick Takes

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  • February 8, 2013 at 8:48 pm

    Deanna, your tip about including Ash Wednesday service times is so important! And thank you for including An Ignatian Prayer Adventure on your parish site.


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