Jennifer is back hosting our 7 Quick Takes this week.  So go on over and read some more when you are done here. Glad she is on the road to recovery, praying it continues.

1.  What is an acceptable reason to not attend a Confirmation retreat that you have known about for anywhere between 9 and 6 months?  The retreat is Sunday and today I received a message letting me know that they “just realized” it was the mom’s birthday so the daughter cannot come to a 5 1/2 hour retreat in the afternoon.  I try not to be suspicious but really I wonder about stuff like this, especially when the mom was at the meeting when all of the details were laid out for the parents.

2.  We started studying Romans this week in Bible Study.  Paul is one of those folks I have a hard time with, but while preparing the introduction I did some research and I like him more now.  His sentences are still too long though.

3.  I wonder if we are going to have any winter at all down here.  We haven’t hit 80 today, so maybe soon?

4.  Our new rug for the living room came yesterday.  Maybe later I can move the old one into the family room and put the new one down. Or should I wait until I get those non-slip liner thing for under it?  Probably safer.  Home Depot here I come. Can’t wait for the furniture.

5.  Do all bad drivers have some secret code they use to decide they all should go on the road at the same time?  Seriously, I go for weeks with no desire to hurt anyone while driving to a day with only crazies on the road.  Yesterday I had to really control myself and only did so because I have a small rosary hanging from my rear view mirror.  I caught a glimpse of that and put my hand back on the wheel after laying on the horn.

6.  I am not getting far in reading Les Mis.  I am still reading about the Bishop and what a great guy he is who really took his vows seriously.  Was Hugo paid by the word?  I mean, how many stories about his goodness do we need to get the point?

7.  I made a new front door decoration for our newly painted (thank you honey) door.  I think it needs a bow on top to hide the magnet, but not everyone thinks so.  The magnet is less noticeable in person.

7 Quick Takes

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