1.  It’s been a very busy week; one party after another.  Today and tomorrow will be fairly quiet which I am looking forward too.  I even wrapped presents so I have little to do except relax until…

2.  Christmas Adam, which is Dec. 23.  We are decorating the Church that afternoon and then have our Christmas Adam celebration.  On the menu:  Chinese take-out; sausage bread; beer.  And presents with our friend we won’t see on Christmas Eve or Day.

3.  Christmas Eve Elisa and I will be making pasta using our hand crank machine, old-school way.  My dad will prepare a few seafood dishes.  We don’t have the huge seven fish dinner, but probably eat close to seven types of seafood because there is such a variety in the salad.  I know there will be calamari, octopus, scungilli and shrimp; not sure what else.  We also have anchovies on mozzarella toast.  The main course is probably lobster tail.  And of course, rum balls for dessert!

4.  My husband teaches math to 8th graders.  Last night he received a text suggesting all the middle school teachers wear pajamas to school today. He declined, so sweatpants and a tee-shirt was suggested; he declined again.  He wore his usual “uniform” of pants and a button down short sleeve shirt.  I wonder what the other teachers will be wearing?  Personally, I think the idea of pajama day for teachers is a bit out there.

5.  I am going to wear jeans today and hope I can keep them on all day without feeling the need to change into shorts.  The last two days I have gone out and then quickly regretted my attire since it was unseasonably warm.  Yes, I know it’s S. Florida but please, the low 80’s is fall weather, not winter.

A DAD and His Boy
Manny, the DAD in training

6.  Okay, enough about me.  I have a friend who has started a blog, A D.A.D and His Boy and facebook page about an interesting journey she is on with her son.  As often happens, it is not one she choose herself, but must nonetheless take.  Her son has Type 1 diabetes and is going to get a D.A.D.  D.A.D as in Diabetes Alert Dog, a four legged dad , to help his two legged dad and mom. Please take a look, especially if you like children and/or dogs.  The DAD aspect is amazing and though I am not a dog person at all; I am a child/people person so if this can help people with diabetes, I think it’s great.

7.  I am making butternut squash soup for dinner tonight.  I can’t find the original recipe but basically I peel the squash, cut it into cubes, saute it with some onions, then add chicken broth.  Cook until squash is tender, cool and then puree.  I serve it with a dollop of goat cheese in the center.  I may roast the squash today and see how that works out.

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7 Quick Takes

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