7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday
1.  These next few weeks until Christmas will be celebration after celebration fro various reasons.  We kicked it off last night with our parish Christmas party where I work.  We had a great time eating, drinking, dancing, laughing with our friends. Tomorrow we’ll attend the Singing Christams Tree at our parish where we worship along with dinner and then birthday cake for three of us at our house. Next week it’s our office staff party, then a birthday dinner with my parents.  Then we’ll take a little rest.

2.  I have some baking to do today.  Making my mom’s fruitcake today.  It is not a typical fruitcake which is why I like it.  First, no alcohol (my friends are shocked), second it is not wet or dark.  It is more like a pound cake with nuts, raisins and maraschino cherries  added, then baked in a bundt pan. Need to make some biscotti as well.

3.  Mailed our son his Christmas package.  Bummed he will not be here with us.  But my parent will be and of course, our daughter who is looking forward to making pasta on Christmas Eve.

4.  My husband took the day off today since we were at our big party last night.  We’ll putter a bit around the house and then may go to a movie.  Tonight we’ll put up our tree when we’re all home. At least with one child here, there will be no arguing over who puts the star on the tree top.

5.  Nine days people, nine days until Christmas Adam.  Have you made plans? Helped spread the word?

6.  In case you missed it, Sarah at Snoring Scholar had an Advent Wreath link up.  Definitely have some great ideas for next year in there.

7.  And lastly, a picture of us before we went out for the party last night:

7 Quick Takes

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  • December 14, 2012 at 7:22 pm

    Ha! I had to look up “Christmas Adam.” I had never heard that before. 🙂


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