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1.  I am so glad this week is over.  Or at about to be over, for me I’m off today so it is over.  Not that I can sit  reading and drinking tea all day, which is what I would like to do.  Tuesday was a bittersweet day, celebrated 29 years of marriage with a great dinner at a lovely restaurant and then had delicious cake made by our daughter with some friends while watching the election results..  Sadly, pretty much everything we were hoping to happen, didn’t.  From the president down to the smallest amendment, nothing changed.

2.  Not at work today, but plenty of work to do.  Though today it will involve shopping, yea, at craft stores, double yea!  I have to buy supplies for a new moms group I am starting at church/work, Baubles, Bibles & Blessings.  We are going to make Thanksgiving candle holders and I’ll show them a craft they can do with their children as well. I will also be making my famous (cough, cough) pumpkin muffins and a new recipe I found for pumpkin dip. I’ll have some pictures next week.

3.  This week was our Women’s Guild Welcome Back Tea.  We don’t drink much tea:)  The house was stunning, right on the ocean with a beautiful backyard and pool area.  It seemed every time we turned a corner  some treat was waiting.  Our local Catholic high school’s Jazz band played, waiters served tempting appetizers, there were two bars set up, a sushi boat and more.  The funniest thing was when I had a toothpick in my hand and couldn’t find a place to throw it away, I said, “What am I going to do with this now?” and the waiter just swooped right in and took it from me!  Too bad I can’t have someone like that at my house.

4.  I have to write a talk on Faith for our pilgrimage on Wednesday.  My starting point will be the post I wrote for New Evangelizers, What is Faith?.  I will be spending some time in Adoration today to flush it out a bit more. Our pilgrimage is to the Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady Queen of the Universe in Orlando  FL.  It will be a long day, but since we have a bus it will be easier.  There’s still room if you’d like to join us.

5.  Chris Tomlin is coming to West Palm Beach on March 15.  I would love to go, his songs are so powerful.

6.  Our daughter finally started her second job.  She’s training this week and then next Thursday the yogurt shop will open. She is the assistant manager.  One of her primary responsibilities will be keeping the teens who work there on track.  So, two part time jobs to equal a full time job while it isn’t the college graduation dream, it works. And we are so grateful to our friends who connected her to these opportunities 

7.  I have a somewhat unique name, so unique that up until six months I never knew anyone with the same name.  Every time I see Deanna and say hi it feels strange to say her name.  It’s as if I am talking to myself but not at all.  Anyway, just a random thought, I have lots of them.

7 Quick Takes

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  • November 10, 2012 at 12:01 am

    “Too bad I can't have someone like that at my house.”

    No kidding!

    Happy anniversary!


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