1.  We are feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy today, schools are closed so the three of us are home, all together, but in separate rooms so it’s kinda like we are alone.  I cooked breakfast for us, once we determined which way I should cook the eggs.  We settled on scrambled.  I’m glad no one was heard the conversation.
2.  Since the weather is not so nice, I though it would be a good day to go and vote, but early voting starts tomorrow so there goes that plan.
3.  Speaking of voting, have you seen this video based on the Bishop’s document, “Faithful Citizenship”.  It was done by Busted Halo.  I sent it out in my parish’s electronic newsletter. I’ll find out how many people viewed it next week.

4.  I was away for a few days up in New York and Connecticut   I was the fun aunt the whole time!  I had the honor of being my nephew’s Confirmation sponsor.  Then on Saturday we went apple and pumpkin picking and watched my niece play basketball.  On Sunday I was back in NY, and spent time with my niece at Mass, the mall and then her soccer game after which we had dinner cooked by my dad.

5.  Apples and Pumpkin

6.  It took longer to upload those two pictures than to write all the previous quick takes in this post.  And I still can’t get them to be next to each other.  Why? Why?
7.  It’s a busy weekend here, so I am hoping the rain and wind leave in time for the two picnics, family faith&fun, and good bye party we have planned.  And, to be sure we  have extra fun we are off to lunch and Staples for supplies!
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