The “To do and Done” edition
1.  Prayer Board:  We use this to keep track off all the people/situations we want to remember in prayer.  I used an old picture frame, covered the back with some fabric, added letter stickers with a phrase from Padre Pio and we use dry erase markers to add to the list.

2.  Wall decoration for my woman cave, right above my cutting table.  I covered wooden scissors and letters with different pick fabrics using Mod Podge.  I felt like I was back teaching little kids with my sticky glue fingers but it was craft therapy, very useful and at times better than wine therapy.

3.  I have been sewing, 3 new skirts 1 for Elisa 2 for me.  The one for Elisa took longer than the two, but that’s what mothers do for their children.

4.  To do list:  finish power point for Sunday’s parent meeting; pick up my new eyeglasses at Costco; tidy up my house; go for a walk; call a possible spiritual director; go to Adoration; laundry.  Let’s see how much of that I actually accomplish before 5 pm.

5.  We are going to have an RCIA group this year.  It is small, but that’s okay. Now I have to outline sessins and make plans.  I am very much looking forward to work with the group and hopefully have new Catholics at Easter.

6.  A friend is coming to visit this weekend and I am very excited.  Tomorrow we are going to get together to bake and I may be hemming pants for her as well.  In the evening we’ll be with an extgended group of friends and eat whatever we baked!

7.  Monday is my husband’s birthday.  I am making him an ice cream cake I found on Pinterest. I’ll use chocolate sauce though and he still hasn’t decided on what candy.  Oh, and I’ll be using many less sandwiches:)

We’re hosted today at Camp Patton, click on over!

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