1.  I pay very little, okay, just about no attention to politics.  In general, I believe people who want to run our country have an agenda and want to promote it, not the common good.  However, it is interesting to see and sometimes read posts on Facaebook in regard to politics.  I am usually a bit dismayed, often surprised, but always left with something to think about, often about the person posting.  I keep meaning to learn, but the nastiness and lack of truth spewed forth makes me cringe, so I just withdraw into my bubble.  
2.  I am in planning mode for our faith formation program at work.  We begin classes the week of September 16, which is also Catechetical Sunday.  If only parents would plan with me by actually registering their children for classes.
3.  I am making some new clothes for my daughter for work.  Yes, she has a job, that will be discussed in #4.  At any rate, we went through patterns, choose fabric and got busy cutting.  I started with a skirt I’ve made before, more than once.  It took me 3 nights to make this skirt.  Way too much time.  First I cut it, then I began to sew and realized I had made a BIG mistake when I cut the pieces.  Basically I did not pay attention to the fact that there is a right and wrong side to fabric.  I mean, I’ve only been sewing for say…35 years.  So I call in my daughter and have her help me figure out the solution because I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to lay the pattern down on the fabric so the it will work.  It takes us 3 tries.  There are piles of discarded fabric pieces all over the floor, in separate piles so we don’t confuse ourselves.  That’s night #2.  Last night I decide to sew the front and back together and I am fighting again with this thing.  After 2 hours I finally have the front and back together.  The casing and then hem worked great!  Now it’s up to her to put the elastic in.  She will be wearing this skirt once a week for the foreseeable future; even though we still haven’t found a top for it.
4.  My wonderful daughter has a job as the assistant religious ed/youth program director at a local parish.  She starts next week.  I am very happy and proud of her.  The woman interviewd quite a few people for the job but the question, “where do you worship?” stumped them all.  Many thanks to those who facilitated the interview.
5.  I’ve decided that hell is a place a bad/little/no sleep.
6.  Going to a wedding shower tomorrow.  It is a Jack and Jill shower, only my Jack is not coming.  My daughter is though.  More female bonding for us!
7. Have you read the Year of Faith letter from Pope Benedict yet?  
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