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This week I have been praying a novena, asking for the intercession of St. Ignatius.  His feast day is July 31 and I will end on that day.  To that end, I have been, as Ignatius tells us, trying to find God in all things.
1.  A gift from Loyola Press, this free eBbook:  Just call me Lopez, Getting to the Heart of Ignatius Loyola by Margaret Silf.

2.  Yesterday I was thinking about getting back to a group I meet with on a regular basis but was feeling sorry for myself and hoping someone would reach out to me instead of me reaching out.  I had an email waiting for me.

3.  We went to Atlanta to visit our son.  He actually had time off in the middle of the week we spent the day together.  He had heard of this place that made great pizza so we went there for lunch.  The pizza was delicious, made in a wood burning oven with fresh toppings.  The place itself was nothing too exciting, we ate at picnic tables, using paper napkins for plates with Italian music in the background, smelling the pizzas in the oven.  The best part of course – we were all together!  The name of the place is Antico, but don’t go on a Sunday, e chiuso (closed).

4.  Beautiful song by Mercy Me, very profound.  (Thanks Ron)

5.  We have had a challenging few months since my husband had a car accident.  He is getting better but still not able to do everything he normally takes care, especially yard work.  We are blessed to have friends who are willing to help us.

6.  I had an appointment with a retina specialist last week.  I am still searching for God in this as he told me I have the beginnings of a hole in my macula.  It has to be watched very carefully and I need to look at the Amsler grid every day to make sure there are no changes in my vision.  I go back in a month for another round of dilation, pictures, and flashing lights.  There isn’t anything to do about it according to traditional medicine, but I am  praying and working on natural alternatives. We’ll see what happens or not see, depending.  Okay, bad joke, but if I get a hole I will lose all but my peripheral vision in my left eye

7.  This picture makes me happy and reminds me God is in my marriage.

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