1.  I’m going to start with my small successes this week since I failed to do them yesterday.

  • Started the prayer book I am putting together for the faith formation program.
  • The First Penance/First Communion parent meeting went well.
  • I put together items which needed to be done for the Cursillo Encounter in April.
I’m sure I must have done a few more things, but those were some monkeys I needed off my back.
2.  Tonight is the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation walk kick-off party for our team, Jack Jack Attack.  My friend’s son has Type 1 Diabetes and we are going to have a walk in our area on March 1.  So it raise interest and money, we’re getting together for some fun.  We even have a craft for the kids to do.  It’s cool; we are using Jack’s used Omnipods and making magnets with them. I’ll post some pictures after the party.
3.  I am meeting with my new personal trainer today.  I am excited to get back into the swing of pushing myself or is it being pushed to reach my goals.  I was very upset that I had to stop cross-fit because of my shoulder because it was very motivating to me to be in a class with others who are working hard and being very encouraging. I do hope eventually to get back to it, but for now I think this will be the best course of action.  When I met with the trainer he said if I gave him four months I’d be back to normal as far as my shoulder.  Let the work begin.
4.  I have quite a list of things to do today so why am I writing instead of cleaning my house.  It was my intention to hit the ground running today and get it done so that by 6:00 pm, I’d be ready for the party, totally relaxed.  Except last night I ate something that did not agree with me and was awake and I’ll spare you the rest of the details.  I am now hoping to reclaim my energy with some mint tea and then, so exciting, some dry toast and maybe a banana.  If all goes well, all will work out.  If not, it’ll be dark when people come over so maybe they won’t notice the dust?
5.  Shopping is also on my list.  Hopefully the rain which seems to have fallen for twenty hours straight has stopped so I can run errands without the downpour.  It’s not so much the rain, it’s the drivers.  Coming hope on I-95 yesterday the two biggest problems were cars with no lights and cars with their flashing lights on; both of these are no-nos.  If you have on your wipers, lights must be on and flashing lights are for emergencies, heavy rain, while difficult to drive in is not an emergency.  And if you do consider it an emergency, GET OFF THE ROAD so it’s safer for the rest of us. 
6.  A road construction comment:  when I see the worker holding up a SLOW sign this is what I think, in no particular order:  are you saying I am slow?  do you mean the work is slow? should we all slow down? and just so you know Mr. Sign Holder, there is no way I am going SLOW over this bridge that you are working on so it doesn’t fall into the inter-coastal.  Not happening, so you can think I am slow and can’t read, but I’m getting over it as fast as I can.
7.  Have you ever read/studied Isaiah?  We are studying it now and I’ll tell you, his words ring as true for today as when it was written in 740 B.C.  A country can only survive if it has justice and mercy as the foundation is my take-a-way for this week.  
Tine for my toast and more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary!
7 Quick Takes

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  • January 31, 2014 at 1:58 pm

    Re #7: that's probably why countries and governments fall regularly…because collectively, justice is even harder than it is for individuals.


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