1.  It’s Friday again, yea!  Adoration all day in our chapel.  Mass always has more people on a Friday morning too.  We’ll be there later tonight to pray.  Not sure if an hour is enough time with all there is to pray for and about lately.
2.  Sometimes I want life to be easier when we want to change paths or make changes with things they are not working right.  This morning our laptop was not connecting to our wireless, so I restarted and all fixed.  Why can’t life be like that?
3.  14 days!!!! yes, in exactly two weeks from today Elisa is coming home.  I can’t wait to see her and put my arms around her.  I can’t imagine how happy John will be since he hasn’t seen her in a year.  Skype is great, but it’s not the same as being with someone in person.
4.  Finally went walking this morning after way too long.  It seems as if John’s accident threw us into a life tailspin.  I’ve realized in the last few days that taking care of myself is not optional.  This summer has been one of inertia for me and this weekend that will be changing. It’s time.  I’m boring myself with my lack of participation.
5.  My work schedule has changed for the summer.  I will go into the office 3 days, a little longer than usual and then work from home the rest of the week.  Our office is so quiet, I think we have maybe ten calls a day.  Some days, I have no emails in my inbox.  I’ll save on gas and miles.  My plan is to prep my upcoming Bible study, outline RCIA, and learn the middle school Theology of the Body program with John.  That should keep me busy.  I am also working on a whole family catechesis program on the upcoming Year of Faith.
6.  Tentative vacation plans to visit our son in Atlanta.  He reminded me last night about the really high temps there, but I think it would be great for the four of us to spend time together.  
7.  I have a better perspective on things from the beginning of the week.  I keep repeating out VBS catch phrase, Trust God! whenever I am despairing, it helps.  My new haircut is a mood lifter as well.  
7 Quick Takes

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  • June 29, 2012 at 7:50 pm

    Would love to hear more about this whole family catechesis program you are working on… 🙂


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