1.  Summer in Florida means high temps and rain almost every day.  This helps keep the humidity high.  Lovely really.
2.  Really want to watch/listen to this with my full attention.
3.  This looks like it may be an interesting site, (in)courage.
4.  Retreat weekend!   It is the men’s Cursillo weekend in our diocese this weekend.  It began last night, our bishop came to the send off, which was nice.  My husband is serving on the team.  Last night a few of the women went out after the sendoff to catch up, it was great to visit with everyone. The Steubenville Florida conference is also going on this weekend for high school students.  So, if you find yourself in need of some prayer intentions, there’s two for you!
5.  Best news this month – our daughter is coming home from Australia on July 13.  She will return via New Zealand and  New York, stopping in both places until she lands back here.  No idea what happens next for her, but something will open up, I’m sure.
6.  Our son has moved to Atlanta for work.  Not sure how long he’ll be there but if he stays put for another month or so we plan on going to visit him when our daughter gets home.  We haven’t had a family vacation in quite a few years, so I hope it happens.

7.  A VBS picture, in the garden of Gethsemane with me as Mary Magdalene.  

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7 Quick Takes

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