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1.  The white flies are not going away.  I dislike them tremendously.  They are in my office, in my car, around all the plants and trees, and just being plain pesky.  This morning they were sprayed so they will die but now I think the we will all die from all the insecticide and the white flies will live, one day taking over the earth.  Whenever someone comes to my door, I make them come in immediately and not stand in my doorway, so the dang flies stay out.  It’s not working.  Yucky flies!

2.  It’s First Friday so we have Adoration here until noon.  I will have the honor of reposing Jesus at that time.  I have a sticky note in front of my face so I don’t forget. I’ll go pray and then do my job.

3.  A new sister is coming to the parish.  She is coming today to see the convent, which is being refurbished and to meet us.  We are not sure what she will be doing here, but I think we’ll be able to come with a good plan.

4. Our son is moving again; this time to Atlanta.  So far int he last year he has lived in East Hampton, NY; West Palm Beach, FL; Winter Park, FL; and on the road again.  It is actually northwest of Atlanta, I can’t remember the name of the city..  If my sister still lived there, they’d be neighbors, but alas, she lives in New York now.  He is leaving next week.

5.  I was up visiting said son last week.  While he was at work I did some shopping and bought a new sweater. It’s just perfect and I am sure keeping his living room chair quite cozy.  I hope I can convince him to mail it to me before he moves or I’ll never see it again.

6.  This has been a very rough week, lots of changes in my personal life.  I was “talking” to our daughter the other night and she was very upset about her brother moving, moaning that she’ll never see him again and there were too many changes in life.  I of course gave her this to ponder, “change is the only constant.”

7.  Quote on my wall:

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