1. I read Jennifer’s Quick Takes and laughed and laughed, first about randomness, then about messiness,then about Instagram.  I see those Instagram photos on Facebook all the time and have no idea what it is. I just clicked over there for a nanosecond and it seems you need to have a smart-type phone.  I do not have one of those.  Nor do I encounter cute things to take pictures of on any sort of a regular basis.
2.  My office has been overtaken by VBS.  I have beach balls, hula hoops, pool noodles and an overabundance of cotton balls in every corner.  Not to mention the wipes and saint cards and food and … I am attempting to gather and organize today by each day.  Thankfully my office is big enough to bring in a six foot table so I have plenty of space to lay it all out neatly.  My brain has also been overtaken by VBS.  I haven’t done this in a few years so it is taking me longer than usual to get it all together.  We have 16 days before we soar to the SKY!  Trust God!
3.  I miss my children. Is it harder for them to grow up or us to accept it?
4. If you have a NOOK, check out Free Fridays!
5.  If you like to change your desktop images, Loyola Press has a very nice feature you can use.  There is a picture, quote and monthly calendar you can download. 
6.  There are white flies and black flies and mosquitoes outside and inside my office.   UGH!
7.  A little girl was making name tags for her family at our parish picnic.  First hers, then her brother’s, then her mom’s.  Her mom and I watched to see what she would write for her mom.  It said “mom” and that was that!

7 Quick Takes

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