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1.  We began decorating for Vacation Bible School

2.  Last Sunday was First Communion and we were featured in the local paper:The Shiny Sheet  As one of my friends said, it is nice that we can get some positive press about the Church.  I just wish they would give my whole quotes, so my sentences don’t end in”thing”, but I figure, it’s positive and a way to evagelize and educate.  I’m in with that thing.

3.  This Quick Take had to be deleted, since I was advising you on the Ascension and starting the Pentecost Novena. Clearly having time issues.

4.  I finally turned my desk calendar to May. Sometimes I scare myself.

5.  I am still dealing with fallout of my email being hacked.  I cannot imagine what it must be like if someone steal your identity or figures ways to hack into something even more important, like your bank account.  I am trying to use unique, more complicated passwords but I have a hard time storing those in my brain but if I have them on paper or on my computer, it seems like it is inviting trouble.  This is when technology seems like way too much trouble.

6.  My lovely, spacious office is quite the mess right now.  3 of the 4 corners are filled with ‘stuff’ either from past events or for future events.  My goal today is to go through all the corners and the stack of papers and put some order back into this place.  

7.  I was more surprised at people’s surprise that Obama is fine with gay marriage than with the announcement itself.  It’s big news though, my daughter heard way over in Australia!  What confuses me is people I thought were grounded faithful Christians and Catholics who also agree with his opinion.  I asked my husband his thought on one brief reason why it is wrong.  “It goes against natural law.”

7 Quick Takes

3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes

  • May 11, 2012 at 7:12 pm

    #7 I have also been surprised at how surprised some people are about Obama's announcement. Didn't everyone realize all along he was in favor of it and only pretending to not be totally gung-ho about the idea for political reasons?

    I have also been saddened and surprised to learn that some of my Christian aquaintances agree with him rather than the word of God, natural law, and common sense.

  • May 17, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    Our parish is also doing the SKY VBC this year. When are you doing yours, maybe I can ask you for any hints after you finish yours?

  • May 22, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    We are doing it June 11-15. I'd be happy to answer any questions and tell you all about it.


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