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1.  I have noticed many more police cars on the road as I drive to work every morning.  This morning I was in a 70 MPH zone, going about 65 MPH due to traffic volume.  I notice a police car turn on his lights and pull over a car in front of me all the way in the left lane.  The cars ahead of me brake.  Why?Why?Why?  
2.  This Sunday is First Communion at work.  We have fourteen children; 7 boys, 7 girls.  Our pastor has the children sit and receive communion with their families.  We did this with our daughter (same pastor, different parish) and it was so beautiful and meaningful.  I hope all of our families see the blessing in this on Sunday.
3.  Speaking of work, I am in the throes of two major projects.  Planning and organizing our Vacation Bible School and planning our faith formation program for next year.  VBS is coming along nicely.  The new program not as easily.  It’s difficult to make decisions that satisfy all the requirements, take into consideration families’ needs, and work in a small parish program.  Research, discussion and prayer; research, discussion and prayer.
4.  Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo.  If you need a cheater Margarita recipe, here you go:
can of frozen limeade, 12 oz tequila, 24 oz Sprite, one bottle Corona Light (thanks to Sarah)
It is really, really good!  Or not really a Margarita, but still most excellent, Fresca and Tequila.  Ole!
5. I speak to our local paper, The Shiny Sheet as it is know, far more than I would have ever thought possible.  It seems religion news is newsworthy on the island.
6.  I have a shoe problem.  I leave them wherever I take them off in the house.  This morning I looked in the family room and saw three pair of pumps, each worn this week.  In my bedroom there are a pair of flip-flops and slippers next to my dresser and probably another pair of flip-flops in my woman cave.  I think I need to break this habit; I am annoying myself.
7.  A quote from Catherine of Siena:  ”  When the soul is lifted up by a great, yearning desire for the honor of God and the salvation of souls, it practices the ordinary virtues and remains in the cell of self-knowledge, so that it may know better God’s goodness toward it.  It does this because knowledge must come before love, and only when it has attained love, can it strive to follow and to clothe itself with the truth.”
7 Quick Takes

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  • May 4, 2012 at 11:14 pm

    My 14 year old has the same shoe problem as you-I honestly don't know how she manages to wear so many pairs of shoes in one day!! I personally put mine on in the morning and take them off when I'm going to bed.
    I' going to try out the margarita recipe tomorrow, my hubby has a very busy weekend having organised & hosting a World Convention of Catholic Doctors here in Ireland, I'll have one ready for him when he comes home, he's worn out already with it (and he's only 40!!)


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