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1.  It has been a week!  It is still Easter but feeling a bit more like Lent around here.  Why?  Well, accidents and sickness mainly.  On Easter Monday my husband was rear ended while at a STOP sign.  After e-rays and an MRI we know he has bulging and herniated discs.  He has good hours and bad hours.  He can’t go to work but is able to do his school work which is good.  Last weekend was his last seminary weekend for this school year and he went.  I planned a fun girls’ night.

2.  Fun girls’ night to include a haircut and then wine. Didn’t happen.  Instead, we had an “Almost 50 (years old) Girl’s night out! When I got to my friend’s house for the haircut, she was in her bed with severe intestinal pains.  Long story short, there was no haircut, no wine, just two friends taking one friend to the ER.  Now, I’m not sure if you will think this is pathetically sad or a testament to our friendship, but we had a good time and laughed and laughed. Especially once we realized she would be okay.

3.  My friend is okay and I got the haircut yesterday.

4.  Confirmation is this Sunday and rehearsal is tonight.  I hope all goes well and all the teens remember to say “And with your spirit” when the Bishop extends the sign of peace to them as part of the rite.  Also, let’s hope there is no rain, since the hall where we will meet and put robes on is across the street from the church.  I can’t let my new hairdo get wet, now can I?

5.  Two things about my life really surprise people.  1.  I don’t have TV reception. We watch DVDs.  2.  I don’t have a microwave.  Yesterday I had a close to 5 minute conversation with the other person sure I meant I didn’t use a microwave but certainly had one.  The question then is how do you make popcorn?  With a hot air popper and a  talented husband.

6.  I realized that the lawn needs to be mowed and mentioned to my husband that either I would have to learn how to use the lawn mower or we’d have to get our teenage occasional yard helper to do it.  He is such a great guy that he said he would call the young man and have him mow.  Dodged that bullet!

7.  One of my dearest and oldest friends told me that if, in addition to cooking and sewing,  I took up gardening we’d have to cease being friends.  Apparently she considers the 3 together to be the perfect trifecta of skills.  I assured her that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.

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