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1.  Happy Easter!  That is our lamb cake smiling at you.  It is a tradition.  The cake pan was my grandmother’s and she passed it on to me.  My daughter says it will be hers eventually.

2.  I had the calmest Holy Week ever last week.  So calm I almost feel like it didn’t happen.  Palm Sunday I went to one Mass.  Holy Thursday was beautiful and simple at work.  We had a short procession which I led with some families from our First Communion class.  Good Friday we prayed the Stations and then spent the day very quietly at home.  Holy Saturday was the Egg Hunt at work which went very well and was lots of fun.  Then we attended the Easter Vigil where a friend of ours came into the Church.  It was strange just sitting there participating, after years of either orchestrating and/or working behind the scenes to keep everything moving along.  But the strangest was Sunday morning.  We had breakfast, drank Bellinis, and did nothing else until we went to our friend’s house for Easter dinner.  I suppose the weekend was typical of most people.  It’s just been so long that I was ‘most people’ that it felt strange.  At the same time, I reminded myself to enjoy it, since John will be taking part in the liturgies as a Lector, Acolyte and then, eventually, Deacon.  So, having him next to me was one of the nicest parts of Holy Week.

3.  My parents went back to New York this week.  They stayed here over three months.  And, no, they don’t stay with me.  We had a good time with them and we spent New Year’s and Easter together.  Instead of my children, I had my parents for the holidays. 

4.  I prefer Google Chrome to Internet Explorer.  My husband though is against google.  Can’t remember why.  So, on the laptop we sorta share it’s IE and it drives me a bit bonkers.

5.  Speaking of my husband—he asked me to show him how to use Pinterest.  Now, it already “uses” my Facebook page, following the rule that if he posts he must identify himself as the poster.  But on Pinterest, you can’t do that so I’m waiting to see what happens.  Of course, the big questions is, “Why does he want to go on Pinterest?”

6.  Tomorrow we have our First Communion retreat. It’s three hours in the morning with just the second graders.  We’ll have the Last Supper, go to Church, practice receiving communion, and learn the songs for First Communion Mass. We’ll also read, The Weight of a Mass, one of my favorite books.   

7.  This is my husband’s last seminary weekend for this year.  It all just flies by without warning.

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