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1.  It’s here, all up for the world to see.  Our new parish website, St. Edward Catholic Church, for your viewing pleasure and edification.  There is lots of information not just about our parish, but about Catholicism, Catholic News, and daily reflections on scripture.  I will be working on adding more pages and pictures of the parish.  If you have any link suggestions, let me know.  When you take a look, I want you to know that the background of the site is the inside of our church, not a stock photo.  It is one of the most beautiful churches in our diocese.
2.   Today is six months that I left my stewardship job and moved over here to St. Edward.  It’s been a good six months, with the start of many great things, especially in the area of adult faith formation.  After Easter we’ll start classes again until the end of May.  Then we’ll get ready for Vacation Bible School.  In between will have Confirmation and First Communion. Busy weeks, but not as stressful as when you have hundreds of youth and children receiving the sacraments.
3.  Sunday of course, begins Holy Week.  I will split my time between work and parish for liturgies.  Holy Thursday I’ll be at work, Good Friday at our parish and waiting to see what we’ll do for Easter based on what our parish needs from us.  I have to pinch myself to believe that I am not working on Easter Sunday. The last time that happened was nine years ago!  

4.  We had our Lenten Healing Mass this week.  We made these centerpieces for the event; they were a big hit.  One woman offered to buy them from us.  We said no, since we’ll need the vases for other events.
5.  I should not go on Pinterest when I am hungry or haven’t had breakfast or think I need a project to do or feel like my wardrobe needs an update or my house a bit of re-decorating or a new hairstyle or am looking for a new book to read or…Oh let’s face it, I am addicted.
6.  The only Lenten discipline of my choosing I have kept is not reading fiction.  In confession the other day I talked about my spiritual life being no where.  Not so much dry as just non-existent.  Actually I said, “in the toilet” and he totally understood.  (he knows me, not a random priest) Since then I have been looking for God’s grace and finding it.  I was also thinking that maybe this year Lent is like this since last year Lent was very much like walking with Jesus to the cross, since my dear friend was moving to her death.  That gave me some solace that I am not failing Lent.
7.  Do you like fireworks?  I do and when we went to Epcot a few weekends ago we saw the show.  Here’s a sample

7 Quick Takes

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  • March 31, 2012 at 9:06 am

    Hi Deanne,

    I'm enjoying reading your posts – you have a very special blog:). I actually went to your other blog first and didn't realise that you have a personal blog, too.

    I'm hoping to sit down and browse your other posts, over the week. Your writing is very inspiring!

    God bless,


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