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1.  So, I have been home a week and still not quite up to my usual self.  Each day it gets a bit better as far as sleep and brain function.  Who knew vacation could do this to you?  I suppose it is the combination of the length of time I had off, close to 4 weeks; then 2 weeks in Australia and the time difference between here and there.  I figure by Sunday I will be 100% back to normal.  Normal being a very relative adjective to use when describing myself.
2.  Normal though is what a parishioner said she like most about me and our pastor this week.  We began a class on the U.S. Catechism for Adults and when class was over she came up to me and told me that she appreciated that we are so normal and don’t act all holy and perfect. We are approachable.   I think it’s one of the nicest compliments, for both of us. 
3.  In March we are having our Confirmation Retreat.  Can you guess the theme?

4.  Besides the Catechism class I have a Ignatius bible study on the Gospel of Mark and The Introduction to the Bible book we are studying.  So, that is a total of three courses I have to prepare and plan for each week.  I will be busy.
5.  I have so much to write about my trip, but have not had much time.  I hope this weekend will be quiet and I can turn my notes into something readable with pictures to show you all the fun places we went and beautiful country we saw.
6.  My husband has a new job.  It was finalized while I was away.  He is teaching in an alternative school.  Then, our son was officially promoted and is now in charge of the kitchen at Hillstones in Orlando (shameless plug, but I’m the mom).  He is thrilled and we are very proud of him.  Our daughter is very happy with the family she is working for in Sydney and I was able to meet them one afternoon.  The children send me emails now.  I, of course, am still loving my job of almost four months.  2012 is starting out a high note for all of us, praise and thank God for all the blessings.
7.  A vacation picture!

Elisa and I in front of the Melbourne library.
7 Quick Takes

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