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This is the Australia trip quick re-cap edition.
1.  The flight was not nearly as awful as I’d thought it would be.  I had plenty to read and since the long part of the trip was at night, I slept quite a bit.  I arrive early and was ready to leave the airport before Elisa even got there, so I waited for her, of course and then off we went. First stop, Canberra, the capital of Australia.
2.  Did you know that you have to drive on the left over there?  Oh yeah, so after twenty some odd hours traveling I hopped in ready to start this adventure.  Only I went to wrong side of the car!  Okay, that got sorted out and so we left Sydney via Hume Highway and arrived in Canberra. 

3.  Picture of my favorite flower in AU.  Turns out it is a type of lily from South Africa, but I saw it everywhere.

4.  My favorite places in Canberra were the Parliament Building and the National Botanical Gardens. 
5.   Check out the view from the upper balcony down tot he reading room of the National Library.  Yes, my daughter and I are a bit geeky so we go to places like libraries.  We can’t help ourselves.
6.  Here are some more  pictures and commentary:
Koala bear at the Canberra National Zoo, so adorable.  Yes, maybe cliche, but really, it was looking at us and then climbed the tree and just made my day!

Love this idea in restaurant, you get a bottle of water so the waiter does not need to keep coming back to the table to fill your glasses.  It wasn’t in all places, but many and I think it is a great idea we should adopt.

7.  I have more pictures, close to 300 I think, but I will leave you with these two. 

7 Quick Takes

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