1.  I’m sure many of you have seen those big, blow up Christmas decoration for your lawn.
Well, I walk at times when these huge decorations are not inflated, so they look like nylon fabric puddles.  Very sad.  The other morning, as I walked and pondered life I realized that I am like an inflatable as well.  When I am filled with God and the Holy Spirit I have a certain appearance and attitude.  When I am empty, I am flat, just a puddle without any shape or purpose; not even recognizable as a child of God. 

2.  My mother’s knee surgery went well.  It is her right knee though, so no telling when they will be able to drive down here to Florida from New York.  Next week she’ll go back to the doctor and find out.  She promises she’ll be down here when I get back from Australia.

3. I have reservations for Canberra and Melbourne. We are stying in a hostel in Melbourne, I figured I should experience a hostel stay once.  I also thought it would be better with Elisa than with my husband!  It is a private room just for the two of us and has a bathroom, so I will avoid the dorm experience; I may be a bit old for that.

4.  Speaking of old, my birthday is next week.  I am trying to avoid it.  Then I think I should be embracing life and enjoying the fact that I am still pretty young, just a few gray hairs, and good physical health.  Mental, well, who knows.  I’ll let you know what I decide.

5.  Busy weekend.  Tonight I have some baking and prepping to do for our party tomorrow night.  Then, Saturday get ready for the party, which is shaping up quite nicely.  Sunday we are going to see Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat at our local theater, Maltz Jupiter Theater.  I saw the show years ago in Chicago with Donny Osmond as Joseph; I don’t remember much, except that Joseph was very buff.

6.  Two surprises in one day on Tuesday.  First my son showed up at my office to visit for a bit.  Considering he lives two hours away, it was a big surprise.  Then we went to the supermarket and my husband spied an old friend at the check-out line next to us.  She was in my youth ministry program back in the day, among many other things we did together.  It was great to see her. 

7.  Tuesday night is the annual seminary Christmas party.  last year it was quite cold and outdoor heaters were set up.  This year we may need outdoor cool air misters instead.  The party is fun, with good food and seminarian bartenders.  The skits are the best though, especially when they cut up the ties of the men who will soon become transitional deacons.

7 Quick Takes

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