1.  It is almost Thanksgiving, in case you were not aware.  So, what are you cooking?  My contribution to the feast is:  corn casserole, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, apple pie and chocolate chip biscotti.  My son (the chef)  is making the gravy and grilled artichokes with this unbelievable sauce. 

2.  My dear daughter turned 23 this week.  That’s her over there, just a few weeks before she turned 1.  She celebrated by going out to dinner with the family she works for in Australia.  She also took the first step in applying to the Maryknoll Missionaries. 

3.  Tomorrow night we are attending a fundraiser dinner dance for Birthline/Lifeline, our local crisis pregnancy center.  I am looking forward to dancing, so I hope my husband’s knee will cooperate.  I also bought a gorgeous new dress, 3 sizes smaller than the last time I bought a dress.  Yay!

4.  One of my favorite things to do at my new office is walk to the bank.  It’s only a block but I think it is so cool to just walk over, take care of business, and come back.  I have to go today, but I’ll wait until the rain stops.

5.  My friend who is an interior decorator came over last Friday and helped me move my furniture around.  Who am I kidding, I helped her move the furniture.  It looks very nice and now I have some projects to complete to finish up the look.

6.  Every morning I get a minute Meditation in my inbox.  They come from American Catholic.  Today was from Padre Pio:  If, despite your vigilance and goodwill, you do not succeed in doing good either in part or altogether, humble yourself profoundly before God but without discouragement. Determine to be more careful in the future, ask for divine assistance, and move forward.”  — from Padre Pio’s Spiritual Reflection For Every Day
They are always thought provoking and I often put them on Facebook to share with others.

7.  If I were Queen, I would ban all talk of Christmas until after Thanksgiving. 

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7 Quick Takes

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  • November 18, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds so yummy! Thanks for the comment on my blog – I agree that is the baby comes early enough, a “grandparent” gift for my in-laws would be great (and I'm sure that's what they'll be getting for future Christmases as well). But if the baby is several weeks late, we won't have any pictures in time to mail it out before Christmas. I like the coffee or tea idea, but I asked my husband and they only drink instant coffee…why do they have to be so difficult!


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