1.  Big weekend coming up starting with picking up our son’s girlfriend tonight and ending with my boss being installed as pastor on Sunday.  In between a friend is coming down from Orlando for Sunday’s event but we’ll spend Saturday night with him.  Saturday night a group of friends are coming over the house for Praise & Worship.  It will be a small group, maybe twenty people and a time to gather and sing and pray as a community.  Our song leader plays the guitar and we may also have a keyboard,bass and flute players.  No matter who is there to help lead us, we life our voices in song and prayer, confident that we are heard.  Then we have  snacks and wine.
2.  I joined Pinterest.   I am afraid, very afraid.  If you think Facebook or blogs or twitter could be a total time sucker, forget about the possibility of this for a person who loves to sew and craft.  I practically drool when see some of the projects.  I am planning a craft party for the next weekend John goes to seminary.
3.  I am so excited to start another run on the HcG diet this weekend.  Excited about a diet you say?  Of course, the first two days are gorge days!  After that, not so much.  But it works and it is for three weeks.  John and  I will do it together and another friend of ours is doing it as well. 
4.  I have almost set the dates for my Australia trip.  It will be in the beginning of January for two weeks.  I will meet our daughter in Sydney and then, well, right now there is no “and then”.  So, any ideas for places to visit and things to do over there are welcome.  I do know I want to go to the Sydney Opera House for a show.  Elisa thinks we will stay in hostels, but I’m not so sure yet.  I am beyond excited, I am euphoric just planning this trip. (so much so that I mention it every quick take:)
5.  I watched a DVD on the Mass called Come and See from Loyola Press to get for ready for Faith&Fun in a few weeks.  Wow, have DVD’s improved since the last time I was responsible for teaching children.  We’ll use the DVD as a springboard for conversation and explanation of the Roman Missal changes.  If you need info for children, I suggest Joe Paprocki’s blog, Catechist’s Journey. 
6.  I have never prayed this particular novena, but I am told it is most efficacious.  Our Lady, Untier of Knots.  I think I am going to pray it for a couple we are praying for who will attend a marriage preparation retreat  next weekend.  Not to untie their upcoming marriage knot, but to make sure anything that could get in the way is taken care of so they can go with open hearts and minds.
7.  Wednesday night was Wives Night at the seminary.  It was very good, especially our speaker who is a very good friend.  I was so proud of her and the other ladies enjoyed her talk.  Her main focus was that there is no one way to be a deacon’s wife.  Most important was to be a person of prayer and realize that people will judge no matter what you do or how you look.  The focus is to be a good disciple. She talked about our book group and showed many of the books we have read.  We prayed evening prayer and then had an open forum to ask questions. A great night.

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7 Quick Takes

2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes

  • October 28, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    i'm a lutheran pastor's wife which is probably the closest thing to a deacon's wife (except for those in the byzantine rite who are married to priests) and the best advice i can give you is to be yourself. people WILL judge you but you can't control that — you can only control how you react. (smiling and nodding is a good policy.)

  • October 28, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    Thanks Jen and yes, I find smiling and nodding most effective.


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