1.  I have not posted on this blog for one month.  What have I been doing?  I wish I knew.  Or I could say relaxing on the beach working on my tan.  Alas, I’ve been working but not on my tan. I’ve been working on figuring out how to run 50 gracefully.  Next week I’ll let you know how it went. 
2.  Two road signs I see almost every day that kinda sorta scare me:
Do not Stop on Tracks – why, might a train come?  Do Not Block Intersection – you mean that other car might need to cross the street? 
Just seems like common sense to me.
3.  It’s Advent.  I put out the Advent wreath and lit it once.  Yesterday my husband suggested we decorate the house this weekend.  Yes, my husband said that in what is surely one of the strangest things he’s ever said to me in 30 Christmases together.  Why is it strange?  Because I am the list maker, task divider, future looking half of us. But it’s been that kind of a few weeks for us but this weekend we are decorating the house.  YEA! Now if he volunteers to go shopping…
4.  Shopping would be a good idea.  But first I need some ideas of what to shop for.  I know who I need to shop for just not quite there with what I need to shop for.  I ended not one, but two sentences with a preposition, I am horrified with myself.
5.  I just looked at a December 1963 calendar and saw that I was born on a Thursday.  And this year my birthday is on a Thursday.  I’m sure my mathematical husband could tell me some interesting calendar factoid, but I’ve no idea.  I’m just happy I now know I was born on a Thursday, I never knew.
6.  This week was our annual Christmas dinner dance for work.  I needed a new look. I am making progress in the ‘less of me’ department.  Of course, I look at these two pictures and see all the flaws.  Why do we do that to ourselves?  

7.  After being gone a month you’d think I have more to say, but I guess not…Next week will be the birthday edition.  It’ll be way more interesting, promise.

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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes

  • December 13, 2013 at 5:57 pm

    But you look so pretty! I love the silver and black color scheme you're rocking!

  • December 14, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    You're positively glowing, Deanna! And showing off those toned arms you worked so hard to get.


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