More Quick Takes!

1.  Fall has arrived in South Florida.  My office windows are open to let in the fresh, cool air.  I briefly considered pantyhose, but why? no one sees my legs, they are under the desk most of the time.  I will be having lunch outside in the courtyard with a friend, just perfect.
2.  My new job is amazing.  The parishioners are very friendly and so pleased to have someone here to engage them in their faith journey. We have started our on-line program for grades 1-8, My Catholic Faith Delivered, using the faith and Life course.  Confirmation will be taught by our pastor and have a sponsor component.  I will start our first adult program in November, which is A Biblical Walk through the Mass by Edward Sri.  We are a bit late in starting to educate the congregation on the Roman Missal changes, but I think it will all work out in the end.
3.  Our daughter has found her new family to work for in January.  She will move to Sydney, Australia after her Christmas holiday in Malaysia, Singapore and possibly Thailand.  I am going to visit her in January, before she starts working so we can travel and be tourists.  I am very excited that I can start planning now that we know where she will be.  And, Skype is the best because we can see her and her new tattoo.  Yes, another tattoo, a star behind her left ear.
4.  My husband conquered a fear last weekend.  Originally, the thought of preaching a homily was a bit intimidating.  However, speaking is nothing compared to singing.  At seminary he had to lector and then sing the Gospel Alleluia.  And he did it!  We found the tune on Youtube and he practiced and practiced.  He said all went well until it was time for the verse.  Ah well, progress, not perfection. 
5.  I am sure most Catholics in the know have seen and heard about Fr. Robert Barron.  He is been on the outer bands of my radar.  His website is unbelievable!  Take a look at the Word of Fire and get to know more about his ministry.  His EWTN series is also airing soon, but since I do not have TV I’ll have to watch it some other way.
6.  Our new book club book is Between Heaven and Mirth by Fr. James Martin. Here’s a short clip of Fr. James talking about the book.  (I can’t get the video to embed in the post.  Can you help?) We decided that a few of us have so much ‘heaviness’ in our life, that something light would be helpful.  I am also reading “The Church and the New Media” by Brandon Vogt. 
7. Here is a picture of my new office.  If you want to see more, here is the entire post.

7 Quick Takes

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